Problem with controller_fan when using the same fan for hotend and extruder motor cooling

I’m building an direct extruder with a single fan for hotend and motor cooling, I found that it is not possible to use heater_temp: in printer.cfg when using stepper:extruder and heater:extruder at the same time, only the parameter idle_time: was then possible, so I have changed a litle bit so we can use heater_temp: and idle_timeout: for stepper and heater if the temperature goes under the defined value, it would be nice if the changes apear in the next update.

from . import fan

PIN_MIN_TIME = 0.100

class ControllerFan:
    def __init__(self, config):
        self.printer = config.get_printer()
        self.printer.register_event_handler("klippy:ready", self.handle_ready)
        self.stepper_names = config.getlist("stepper", None)
        self.stepper_enable = self.printer.load_object(config, 'stepper_enable')
        self.printer.load_object(config, 'heaters')
        self.heaters = [] = fan.Fan(config)
        self.fan_speed = config.getfloat('fan_speed', default=1.,
                                         minval=0., maxval=1.)
        self.idle_speed = config.getfloat(
            'idle_speed', default=self.fan_speed, minval=0., maxval=1.)
        self.idle_timeout = config.getint("idle_timeout", default=30, minval=0)
        self.heater_names = config.getlist("heater", ("extruder",))
        self.heater_temp = config.getfloat("heater_temp", 50.0)
        self.last_on = self.idle_timeout
        self.last_speed = 0.
    def handle_connect(self):
        # Heater lookup
        pheaters = self.printer.lookup_object('heaters')
        self.heaters = [pheaters.lookup_heater(n) for n in self.heater_names]
        # Stepper lookup
        all_steppers = self.stepper_enable.get_steppers()
        if self.stepper_names is None:
            self.stepper_names = all_steppers
        if not all(x in all_steppers for x in self.stepper_names):
            raise self.printer.config_error(
                "One or more of these steppers are unknown: "
                 "%s (valid steppers are: %s)"
                % (self.stepper_names, ", ".join(all_steppers)))
    def handle_ready(self):
        reactor = self.printer.get_reactor()
        reactor.register_timer(self.callback, reactor.monotonic()+PIN_MIN_TIME)
    def get_status(self, eventtime):
    def callback(self, eventtime):
        speed = 0.
        active = False
        for name in self.stepper_names:
            active |= self.stepper_enable.lookup_enable(name).is_motor_enabled()
        for heater in self.heaters:
            current_temp, target_temp = heater.get_temp(eventtime)
            if target_temp or current_temp > self.heater_temp:
                active = True
        if active:
            self.last_on = 0
            speed = self.fan_speed
        elif self.last_on < self.idle_timeout:
            speed = self.idle_speed
            self.last_on += 1
        if speed != self.last_speed:
            self.last_speed = speed
            curtime = self.printer.get_reactor().monotonic()
            print_time =
   + PIN_MIN_TIME, speed)
        return eventtime + 1.

def load_config_prefix(config):
    return ControllerFan(config)