Free Remote Access And AI Failure Detection - OctoEverywhere!

Hello Klipper Community!

This post is a bit late, but I found this discourse community a little while back and still wanted to share. I’m over the moon to announce that now officially supports the entire Klipper ecosystem, including Mainsail, Fluidd, Mobileraker, and more!

The mission of OctoEverywhere is to empower the worldwide 3D printing community with free and unlimited remote access, AI failure detection, notifications, live streaming, and more. I started OctoEverywhere in 2020 as a personal project to have remote access to the full OctoPrint portal without port forwarding. I never would have believed that the community would grow into what it has today, which I’m humbled by!

Last November, we launched a free and unlimited AI failure detection system named Gadget. Hot on Gadget’s heels, we launched full Klipper ecosystem support in April! It was a ton of work to bring all of the features we built for OctoPrint online, but I’m happy to say every OctoEverywhere feature is fully integrated and is seamlessly working in Klipper. :rocket:

I wanted to post in this discourse group because the community drives OctoEverywhere. Every feature we have been able to add in the last three years has come from community ideas, talking with members, and getting help to debug and test. I wanted to fully engage the Klipper community and invite you all to join us!

If you haven’t tried OctoEverywhere, it only takes 30 seconds to set up, so give it a go!

I would love to hear all feedback the community has; I have a growing backlog that I love to add to! What’s working well? What’s not working well? Is there something missing? You can provide feedback here or email me directly using our support system.

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



The second my print finishes, I will be trying this out. Thanks so much!