Hiring Somebody to convert my printer to Klipper

I would like to hire somebody to come out to my lab in Fresno California and help me set up my printer with Klipper. I am happy to compensate well and cover accommodations for a few days to get it done. Is there anybody on this forum who would like to come out to California and help us out? Our company name is Streamline 3D.

I have a large Creatbot F1000 running old Marlin that I just purchased with the intention of upgrading the board and firmware to handle Klipper. My goal is to improve print quality, user experience, and print times.

Please let me know if this sounds fun and interesting to you!

Sounds quite fun, I would be up for the task

Awesome! Where are you from? I have one other person who is interested that I am working with now. If it doesn’t work out with that person, what does your schedule look like?

I’m from Mexico, it sounds like a fun task/trip. I’m much into traveling so would be a good excuse to hit the road, I work remotely so I can accommodate my schedule easily. Hope Klipper migration comes together smoothly otherwise drop me a line and I will be happy to help.