I need to hire a professional to work on persistant MCU errors

Basic Information:

Printer Model: 2 creality printers
MCU / Printerboard: btt pad 7 multiple instances

looking to hire a professional to help solve these infuriating MCU errors. I need these printers working. not a hobby, for work I need help finding someone or a company in north america that can get these things working. i thought i was in the home stretch last week after two weeks of trying to implement klipper onto 3 machines. Here i am at the end of week three with 1 machine totally scrapped and two spitting out nothing but MCU/Failed connection/Lost communication.

the fixes i am reading are taping pins on usb connectors, needing to upgrade to “quality” cables, making sure cables aren’t touching or overlapping each other??? come on!!! Tell me i need shielded cable with shielded 5 pin panel mount connects for f^% sakes. All usb connectors are loose… no matter the quality…theyre made to be quickly unplugged. There has to be a better way…Ok im ranting now. Please refer me to anyone or company that can get these things working, or just be honest and say tear them down for parts and get bambu lab/Prusa printers.

As for creality, BTT, and all of the alike…a sincere F in every way shape and form you could imagine it, both personally and professionally, and then some. Your extravagantly delusional product claims along with your child-like documentation isn’t even laughable, its disgraceful.I cannot fathom putting out a product with such disregard for the consumer experience… its so abhorrent it feels intentional. What technology company(s) did you all model your vehemently ignorant stance on not providing updated or even correct schematics, proper firmware/hardware documentation, troubleshooting, etc. I won’t even go into customer service. Can finding a decent english translation to anything you put in writing be that hard? Maybe even start with spell check? You are standing on the shoulders of the people in this and many other communities. The open source technology you give NOTHING to but take as your own. The people that are actually figuring out your problems. The people that are HERE every day answering the questions your asses should be. The people that are making your products work yet get nothing in return. This will be your ticket to obsolescence. not soon enough.

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While I can surely understand your frustration, the quality of your statements does not make it any better. Thus, I kindly request you to tone down a bit.

In addition, you should not forget that Creality printers are in no way business or industry machines but consumer grade hobby tools (rather at the lower to mid segment).

In any case, there is a long history of folks that are successfully running such printers with Klipper.

For the Timeout with MCU / Lost communication with MCU error, check the link. Unfortunately, it can be somewhat tedious to hunt down but in all cases that I’m aware it was about the quality of connection between board and SBC.

As a general advice, simplify your setup as much as possible and go step by step.
For all future requests also attach the respective klippy.log files.


C’mon! Take it easy!
I understand your frustration.

This is a “like PULP VICTION” reply, cause you made me chuckling: “…so pretty pleased with sugar on top clean the f…” (PULP VICTION, Harvey Keitel aka The Wolf)

You are just yelling!

This is a forum supporting Klipper. Please keep in mind “Klipper is Free Software!” https://www.klipper3d.org/

People here are doing it in their downtime! That is Open source - Wikipedia

Just guessing, you sound like the CEO of a not so big company. Am I right?

Please mind your language. This is a civilized forum and we care about that!

I’m missing some constructive criticism in your post.

Please tell us what you want to print. Size, monochrome or multi colored, how many pieces, etc.
What type of Creality printers are you using?

To be honest, do yourself a favor, delete the bull above, and start over.

…follow the mask… → you’ll probably get some good advice! ALWAYS attach your KLIPPY.LOG from each printer!

I could give an advice, but it’s a printer running “probably” Marlin (it’s made by a company you mentioned), so I’ll not name it here. A colleague of mine is using it and he just started a short while ago knowing nothing about FDM printing. The print quality is amazingly good!
He printed a calibration cube for me XYZ 20mm Calibration Cube by iDig3Dprinting - Thingiverse and I was very impressed.
But always keep in mind! 3D FDM printing is science. You need good printing hardware and a lot of knowledge and experience to get good printing results.

In my country, we have a saying (there is no good translation to English and I’m making a coming out): “If you want to f…, you got to be friendly :wink:

Sincerely yours and good luck, hcet14

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