V400 Klipper N00b needing help

Basic Information:

Printer Model: FLSun v400

So what’s up folks. As for klipper, im pretty green. I can operate it and partially modify the CFG files etc. (provided there’s some video or text explanation…) Im rather tech savy but im far from a guru by any means…

As stated, I have an FLSun v400. Great printer! In fact I enjoy it more than my bamboo’s… which leads me to needing help. I also own a 3D Chameleon, which is a 4 color MMU. Its a standalone unit that uses gcode and timing to swap colors and feed colors to the printer hotend. Ive used it on my bambu quite a bit now and it works pretty slick!

Now I wanna learn to get it going on my v400. The v400 uses a nano 2.1 main board… I think it MIGHT be a clone to the MKS Robin Nano v2… from what I can tell, and info ive obtained, it appears to be identical. So fwiw, maybe that info will help someone when they attempt to help me.

My first and foremost question is as follows. I know klipper sets boundaries for the printer. like safe travel zones. if it attempts to move beyond those areas, the printer stops and faults and my speeder pad brings up a red warning message. Can this be bypassed in certain scenarios? The reason I ask about bypassing it, is because with this color changing emu, it would be great if I could move my effector off to the left rear corner of my machine (outside the printing area… it’ll reach…ive physically moved the printer by hand to this position to verify it can PHYSICALLY do it…) this way it can purge and change colors without getting purge material onto the current model etc. then I assume a purge tower will needed as well, which is fine.

im sure this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the help ill need. I tried reading about gcode etc that deltas use and holy rip… I can figure out XYZ coordinates… but then there’s all this added stuff the slicer makes for like arcs and stuff?.. yah wow… (smoke came outta my ears…)

hope someone can help!! Thank you in advance!!


Sounds like you just need to update your config to specify the correct machine limits.

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You may start here klipper/generic-mks-robin-nano-v2.cfg at master · Klipper3d/klipper · GitHub
Do yourself a favor and read https://www.klipper3d.org/ documentation carefully.
Have you had a look here GitHub - Eyreon/FLsun-V400: Everything you need for quality prints?

Good luck, hcet14

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