Feature suggestions

Hey Guys great work, I LOVE Klipper. I just want to request a feature or 2.

Can you include a feature (checkbox) to duable Z Hop fir the last 1, 2 or 3 layers? Ilike Z Hop and do use it, but I think it gives piir results on the top layer/ layers and fir the things that I print, the top is absolutely the furst thing you see. Sides are great, top is lumpy and sometimes etched (text on my flow calibration tiles are always illegible, for istance. It’s also pointless on the last layer right?

Also, I would LOVE if there was an option to unload filanent (maybe a few cm’s) after a successful print. It always stays there and yge nozzle gets cold and the next tine I want to do a print and want to change filament prior to starting, I have to heat up the hotend just to unload it andreload d the new one. I often wont even print immediately, Z offset etc. So i have to cooll down abd the geat back up again when Im ready.

Oh, and I likely have many typos, i hate messaging on mobile devices and I dont see well this late.

Thanks guys, stay klipping.

Both of these are slicer options.

In every slicer I know of, you can slice at different layer heights with different settings. So you could use one set of settings for the entire printer and in the last 3 layers use a setting with a higher z hop.

For the unload filament, Just add a gcode command to your end print script section in your slicer.

G1 E-3 F1000

Or however much you want to do it.


Okay, thanks for the reply, keep up the great work.

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