Help! Can Klipper be fooled into thinking it has homed Z?


I found out that it is possible to recover a klipper print, even thought there are no videos (that I know about). It requires some changing of the start print macro, and it also requires some changing of the actual printer.cfg.

I will eventually post the exact settings that you need to recover a lost print, however, I am looking for some help from someone who knows better than me. Please tell everyone you know about this issue.

I know that with marlin printers it is possible to fool the printer into thinking that it is at a certain height with pronterface. Is there a way to do this with klipper? If so, it will help a lot in creating the step by step tutorial for how to do this. If not, that’s fine, that just makes it so there is one more requirement.

I have recovered two different prints, on two different occasions, and it worked both times flawlessly. On one of the prints I actually recovered it two times! The first time because the filament ran out. The second because it hit an old printer height limit that I had set in the past for testing reasons.

It IS possible to upload files to klipper manually, in the instance that you need to create the top half of the print, because it failed halfway through. I will explain how to do that as well. I just need confirmation if it is possible to fool klipper into thinking that it is at a certain layer height. Once I have that, I will make a full guide on how to recover a print.

I truly believe that solving this issue with klipper would make all our lives better, and so that is why I am reaching out to people more knowledgeable than me to help me solve this issue.

Edit: I will post the instructions anyway in the nest few days or so, but It would be helpful if this is eventually figured out.

Thank you for your help!

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A [force_move] config will enable the SET_KINEMATIC_POSITION command which can be used to fake homing. Please read the documentation carefully as it is one of the dangerous commands.

I think that the reason that no automated tool or guide like this exits is because the procedure for resuming a failed print will differ vastly depending on the specific printer.
For example the fake Z home might not be needed if Z is homed at the top.

Thank you so much!

I think I will just proceed with out this then, if it is considered dangerous. I don’t want to have It mess up anyone’s printer. I will just continue and add the extra step. I will keep you posted.

Thanks again!