Might have smoked my motherboard

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Printer Model: Anycubic Kobra Plus
MCU / Printerboard:
klippy(5).log (19.8 KB)
So i had a hell of a time getting klipper up and running on this printer but thanks to someone on here whose name i cant remember but when i do i will mention him. anyways i had klipper running good on fluidd and was messing with the print head and somehow taking off the fan board touched the back to a roller nut and it sparked. so after going over the boards with a flash light i cant find anything shorted out. so would someone smarter than me be able to look at the klippy log and see if it shows anything that would point at something not working correctly cause i havent been able to connect back so in reflashing firmware and all that jazz im having trouble again connecting klipper to printer. it makes it up to the point of connecting but doesnt and i dont know if i have the config file correct this time or if everything is correct then that means i just need to order a new board which is fine if thats the case. thats what i get but if that is the case what board should i grab. ive been eyeing the bigtree boards but not sure which one i need. obviously i dont need the top of the line at this point since im fucking shorting boards out from not being able to leave well enough alone but i enjoying tinkering. anyways any constructive input would be welcome…any “leave shit alone comments” your wasting your breathe. thanks yall

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Sineos was ol buddys name by the way. thanks to him

Follow the dmesg instructions and post the resulting file.

Good chance that you killed your board.

Yep. Most of us have been there. I’ve got three nonfunctional boards in my parts cabinet that I carelessly fried by doing stuff that I still think shouldn’t have fried them. I’ve been over them several times with a magnifying glass and can’t find anything that looks amiss. I concluded that it must have damaged something in the MCU silicon. Those things are extremely sensitive to power spikes and at least the boards I baked (ca. 2018 stock Creality board and two MKS boards) apparently didn’t have any power rail protection on the MCU. I don’t know if it still happens but there used to be periodic reports of boards getting fried from back EMF caused by moving stepper motors by hand too fast.

If you got actual sparks, that’s a pretty good sign that your board is toast.

I love my BTT boards. So far haven’t managed to fry any of them, although I do have an SKR v1.3 that developed a nonfunctional MOSFET. My printer actually has three control boards and two external MOSFETs in addition to the Pi, so I eventually want to get the Octopus Max to simplify things a bit.

so would either of yall know which board i should go with for the kobra plus printer ive looked at the bigtree skr mini e3v3 and the m5p but i really dont need a cb1 or the likes cause i have a 8gb raspi. what would be most compatable for my printer or is this a sort of thing like removing the brain so almost anything will work after that?? i havent done enough research yet

There are so many boards out there, so it is really hard to make a solid reccomendation.

For the Anycubic Kobra Plus you will need 5 drivers: X, Y, Z1, Z2, E
The Mini E3V3 has 5 ports but the two Z ports are supplied by the same driver. While it works, I do not like this setup and rather prefer dedicated drivers for each stepper.

A board I really like is the Fysetc S6 but in the end most will do. Personally, I would stay clear of MKS boards.

I’m not familiar with these printers but I looked at the stock board on the Anycubic website and it looks like there probably isn’t a simple drop-in replacement other than another stock board. Other than the bed heater, one thermistor, and a fan connection, it looks like none of the stock cable connections are the “standard” connections you’ll find on quality third-party boards like BTT. I don’t know if there are breakout “adapter” pigtails you can buy, but if not, it looks like you may need to recable nearly the entire printer, assuming you can find accurate pinouts for the stock connectors.

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Just an update. The board wasn’t smoked somehow luckily. I am able to run klipper again. I’ve installed the bl touch and got the config file to accept it. I’m running all this on a modified kobra plus. I’ve disconnected the z endstop and used that to wire in part of my touch and the other part off the hot end board to get power according to a Russian video. If you need to know the video I’m talking about I can find it if that’s something you need To know. Anyways. On startup The bltouch deployed it’s pin out and back a few times and is solid red but when I home xyz xy do fine but z raises and that all. No pin or downward movement. I’ve tried to put the sensor pin on multiple different PIN numbers to see and none of them seem to work. PB2,8,10,12,13,14. Any help would be appreciated
klippy.log (783.7 KB)

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