HELP klipper gives error wen trying to install creality touch

Basic Information:

Printer Model: based on a ender 3 v2
MCU / Printerboard: bigtreetech octopus v1.1
printer.cfg (5.6 KB)
klippy.log (105.7 KB)

Describe your issue:
i wanted to install a creality touch and followed the steps from klipper it self and other people.
but every time i try i get this error Option (‘position_endstop’ is not valid in section ‘stepper_z’)
and when i delete that bit what other people recommend in github posts i get this error (Option ‘endstop_pin’ in section ‘stepper_z’ must be specified)
i don’t know how to fix it
pls someone help

if you need more information just ask i can provide

Hello @pascal_31 !

Klipper is quite picky with spaces. Try this:

endstop_pin: probe:z_virtual_endstop

it is stil giving this error (Option ‘position_endstop’ is not valid in section ‘stepper_z’)

If you use a probe then you do not have a position_endstop
The “equivalents” are then given in the probe / bltouch section with

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thx it is working now