Help temperature sensors on Arduino Mega 2560

I built a heated chamber using an Arduino MEGA 2560 as the second MCU running a heater, exhaust fan and RGBW led.
The output section works well but I have a nightmare finding a good temperature sensor for the chamber.
I have a lot of BMP 380 temperature sensors on I2C, worked well for some time but I got “i2c timeout” during a long print so I will not risk a print failure just for getting an ambient temperature. I thought that an analog sensor will work nicely but no matter what I try it seems analog readings are not stable.
I tried to use LM35 sensors that should be easy to implement, but I find that there’s a variation of +/- 1 degree Celsius, instead, when I read the sensor on the same board flashed with an Arduino sketch I get a very precise measurement.

I have no experience with LM35 or other I2C temp sensors. I’m using a dead simply NTC for it

Does Klipper support LM35? I thought only LM75