How cable Orbiter V2 with SKR mini E3 V3

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender 5 Plus
MCU / Printerboard: SKR mini E3 V3
klippy.log (1.6 MB)


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Describe your issue:

Yestereday I received my new Orbiter V2 extruder and this morning I’ve tried to install and configure. Since I’m not sure if the existing cable connector on the Orbiter has the pins in the right position, I’ve used 4 dupont wires (cables on the right)

to connect the Orbiter plug with existing E cable on the Ender 5 Plus.

I tried several combination based on SKR mini E3 v3 pinout and LDO Motor documentation but I always get this error message from Klipper

TMC ‘extruder’ reports error: DRV_STATUS: 800c0060 s2vsb=1(ShortToSupply_B!) ola=1(OpenLoad_A!) cs_actual=12 stst=1

Changing different matches only change the ShortToSupply_ and OpenLoad_ output with A and B but nothing more. Here below the Klipper configuration I’ve used

step_pin: PB3
dir_pin: !PB4
enable_pin: !PD1
microsteps: 16
rotation_distance: 4.637 #Orbiter v2
full_steps_per_rotation: 200 #Orbiter v2
nozzle_diameter: 0.400
filament_diameter: 1.750
max_extrude_only_distance: 800
max_extrude_only_velocity: 120 #Orbiter v2
heater_pin: PC8
sensor_type: EPCOS 100K B57560G104F
sensor_pin: PA0
control: pid
pid_Kp: 27.023
pid_Ki: 1.296
pid_Kd: 140.857
min_temp: 0
max_temp: 280

[tmc2209 extruder]
uart_pin: PC11
tx_pin: PC10
interpolate: true #LDO Motor Orbiter v2
uart_address: 3
sense_resistor: 0.11
run_current: 0.650 #Standard NEMA17
#run_current: 0.4
stealthchop_threshold: 0

Sounds like I missed the right mapping between the Orbiter pins and the MB connector. Someone knows the right match between Orbiter colors Blue Yellow Green Red and the SKR mini E3 v3 pins 2B 1B 1A 2A?


You will typically find this 2A 2B 1B 1A or B1 B2 A1 A2 on the printerboard. The meaning of marking is not uniform but I dare say:

  • The first character typically is the coil / phase numbering (Very important, since mixing the coils usually destroys the stepper)
  • The second character is the polarity (less important, since it can be reversed in the software)

This means for the above picture:

  • Pin 1 and pin 2 are a coil
  • Pin 3 and pin 4 are a coil

Hi Sineous, thank you for the feedback. Your explanation is crystal clear and confirm my understanding. Unfortunately, as you depicted, there is not a “naming convention” on this matter and, in this case, LDO data sheet doesn’t talk about 1 or 2 (A or B) but pairs of colors and that makes me confuse.

For LDO datasheet, Coils sounds to be Red&Green and Blue&Yellow. If this is correct, is there a “right” way to pair LDO coils with MB coils or it doesn’t matter? I mean, if I connect LDO coil Green&Red with MB coil 1 or 2, it makes any dfference?


This is the relevant part of the datasheet. Red / Green and Yellow / Blue are the coils. Polarity, i.e. Red / Green or Green / Red does not matter and can be corrected in the config.

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