[How To] KlipperScreen and RDP for iOS/Android/PC/Mac

Hi everybody,
because the only known solution for iOS is the expensive and ugly software MochaX11.
I was creating a simple Solution for RemoteDesktop like the free Microsoft RemoteDesktop Application.

So it’s very simple. I will use default home dir /pi/ change with your username

First of all we have to Install KlipperScreen like in the docks, after that install xrdp

sudo apt install xrdp

Now you have to create an file in your home path called .xsession use your prefered file editor I’m using vim

vim /home/pi/.xsession

The file should contain these two lines.

cd /home/pi/KlipperScreen 
exec /home/pi/.KlipperScreen-env/bin/python /home/pi/KlipperScreen/screen.py

To make restart usable you have to edit /home/pi/KlipperScreen/screen.py

Change line 438 from

os.system("sudo systemctl restart KlipperScreen")


os.system("sudo systemctl restart xrdp")

reboot your pi or restart xrdp (sudo systemctl restart xrdp)

connect width rdp tool to your pi :slight_smile:

The service part isn’t needed anymore, you can define your service in the newst version of KlipperScreen.

service = xrdp

Thanks for this simple solution :slight_smile:
Works with my iPad or even 7" Fire tablet from 2015
Any suggestions for an Android RDP client? The Microsoft one won’t let me set a lower custom resolution…

I think this method should be part auf the KIAUH installer, so easy and useful for old phones and tablets.

What i did:

sudo apt install xrdp
nano /home/pi/.xsession

Paste this 2 lines:

cd /home/pi/KlipperScreen 
exec /home/pi/.KlipperScreen-env/bin/python /home/pi/KlipperScreen/screen.py


Create a new KlipperScreen.conf from Mainsail UI (where your printer.conf is) paste and save:

service = xrdp

Reboot the pi and connect with your username and password in your RDP app of choice.

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Maybe you can try Microsoft Remote Desktop 8, Microsoft has two versions in play Store eg. Microsoft Remote Desktop and Microsoft Remote Desktop 8.

Thanks for the info on this!

I was able to get it working on my iPhone but the resolution is way off and I can only see part of the interface. I tried changing resolution in the RDP app but nothing changes. Is there somewhere in KlipperScreen that you have to set the resolution to make it display properly?

I’m wanting to use an old iPhone and unfortunately I only see one version of Microsoft Remote Desktop in the app store.

give error after last update, fixed in this way:

service: xrdp