VNC Connection to KlipperScreen

Hi! I’m trying to connect to mi pi zero w with KlipperScreen, from old Ipad 2 via VNC, using vncserver. Connection is ok, but it shows me only cli console.
My knowledge of Linux is not enough to solve this problem, has anyone succeeded in this?

VNC Server will create a new xwindow. You need to use something such as tigervnc scraping server instead.

I’ll post it here since this comes up first in search:

  1. Install tigervncserver v1.12.x
  2. vncpasswd to set password
    add following to xstrartup script located in ~/.vnc/ folder
cd ~/KlipperScreen
exec ~/.KlipperScreen-env/bin/python ~/KlipperScreen/
  1. start vncserver:
    vncserver :5 -geometry widthxlength -interface <ip address> -passwordfile ~/.vnc/passwd -localhost=0

Above should create a VNC virtual display listening at <ip address>:5905

This way you can run virtual KlipperScreen along regular desktop GUI.