How to read the temperature of a temperature_fan?

I have a temperature_fan setup like this:

[temperature_fan exhaust_fan]
pin: PD13
shutdown_speed: 0.0
kick_start_time: 0.5
sensor_type: Generic 3950
sensor_pin: PF6
gcode_id: C
control: pid
min_temp: 0
max_temp: 100
max_speed: 0.85
min_speed: 0.0
pid_Kp:  20
pid_Ki: 20
pid_Kd: 20
pid_deriv_time: 2.0
gcode_id: CHAMBER

Which works as far as it goes.

Now I’d like to use the same temperature sensor to wait until my chamber gets to 80% of whatever I pass from PRINT_START. I’d also like to use it for z_thermal_adjust

But this: TEMPERATURE_WAIT SENSOR=exhaust_fan MINIMUM={params.S}

Fails because it doesn’t understand exhaust_fan to get the sensor.

And of course I can’t pass that into the z_thermal_adjust either.

How do I get the exhaust_fan’s temperature sensor for these commands?

Idea with question:

We can define a standalone [Temperature Sensor]. Couldn’t it then be queried from several places?

TEMPERATURE_WAIT SENSOR=“temperature_fan exhaust_fan” MINIMUM={params.S}

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