How to set up multi toolhead kinematics (multiple corexz tools on long Y axis)

Hi i’m trying to set up klipper so that it will operate multiple toolheads that are placed along the Y axis.
The machine would be like this:

Is it natively possible in klipper or will i have to create my own kinamtics here ?

My understanding is like follows:


Having dug into the code somebit already i noticed that in order to have multiple toolhead i would need to somehow instantiate them manually with the [toolhead] section (wich is normally automatically inferred by klipper, or instantiate multiple [printer] sections.

My feeling is that i need to modify how the objects are structured in order to achieve this so that i can instantiate 1 printer like this :

I hope this is somehow clear and that anybody might have some insight about this, for now i will pursue with the proposed architecture, i will be happy to take any advise !