Using klipper for other projects

MCU / Printerboard: Rasberry pi pico

context (not necessary); I’m trying to use klipper and build a machine from scratch because I find it interesting

Problem: In the Configuration Reference there is a section where it says “No Kinematics”

The problem is that if I try to control a motor it tells me this:


I also can’t name the engine whatever I want, that is, alpha, for example


I understand that in the slicers there is no “custom name axis” option but for projects it would be interesting

There is a way to test a single motor without having to name all the motors and that is not just naming it “extruder” I want to say if it is a solution but I am interested in trying more motors to be able to have several even more than 4

I also can’t add another motor with a custom name to an already established kinematic.

See [manual_stepper]

thx lmaooo