Klipper v0.10.0 Release!

The 0.10.0 version of Klipper has now been released! For more information on the release, please see:

There is a Patreon page for those who want to donate to Klipper:

New in this release:

  • Support for “Multi-MCU Homing”. It is now possible for a stepper motor and its endstop to be wired to separate micro-controllers. This simplifies wiring of Z probes on “toolhead boards”.
  • Klipper now has a Community Discord Server and a Community Discourse Server.
  • The Klipper website now uses the “mkdocs” infrastructure. There is also a
    Klipper Translations project.
  • Automated support for flashing firmware via sdcard on many boards.
  • New kinematic support for “Hybrid CoreXY” and “Hybrid CoreXZ” printers.
  • Klipper now uses rotation_distance to configure stepper motor travel distances.
  • The main Klipper host code can now directly communicate with micro-controllers using CAN bus.
  • New “motion analysis” system. Klipper’s internal motion updates and sensor results can be tracked and logged for analysis.
  • Trinamic stepper motor drivers are now continuously monitored for error conditions.
  • Support for the rp2040 micro-controller (Raspberry Pi Pico boards).
  • The “make menuconfig” system now utilizes kconfiglib.
  • Many additional modules added: ds18b20, duplicate_pin_override, filament_motion_sensor, palette2, motion_report, pca9533, pulse_counter, save_variables, sdcard_loop, temperature_host, temperature_mcu
  • Several bug fixes and code cleanups.

For further information on Klipper, please see: