Klipper v0.12.0 Release!

The v0.12.0 version of Klipper has now been released! For more information on the release, please see:

There is a sponsors page for those who would like to donate to Klipper:

New in this release:

  • Support for COPY and MIRROR modes on IDEX printers.
  • Several micro-controller improvements:
    • Support for new ar100 and hc32f460 architectures.
    • Support for stm32f7, stm32g0b0, stm32g07x, stm32g4, stm32h723, n32g45x, samc21, and samd21j18 chip variants.
    • Improved DFU and Katapult reboot handling.
    • Improved performance on USB to CANbus bridge mode.
    • Improved performance on “linux mcu”.
    • New support for software based i2c.
  • New hardware support for tmc2240 stepper motor drivers, lis2dw12 accelerometers, and aht10 temperature sensors.
  • New axis_twist_compensation and temperature_combined modules added.
  • New support for gcode arcs in XY, XZ, and YZ planes.
  • Several bug fixes and code cleanups.

For further information on Klipper, please see: