Klipper v0.11.0 Release!

The 0.11.0 version of Klipper has now been released! For more information on the release, please see:

There is a sponsors page for those who would like to donate to Klipper:

New in this release:

  • Trinamic stepper motor driver “step on both edges” optimization.
  • Support for Python3. The Klipper host code will run with either Python2 or Python3.
  • Enhanced CAN bus support. Support for CAN bus on rp2040, stm32g0, stm32h7, same51, and same54 chips. Support for “USB to CAN bus bridge” mode.
  • Support for CanBoot bootloader.
  • Support for mpu9250 and mpu6050 accelerometers.
  • Improved error handling for max31856, max31855, max31865, and max6675 temperature sensors.
  • It is now possible to configure LEDs to update during long running G-Code commands using LED “template” support.
  • Several micro-controller improvements. New support for stm32h743, stm32h750, stm32l412, stm32g0b1, same70, same51, and same54 chips. Support for i2c reads on atsamd and stm32f0. Hardware pwm support on stm32. Linux mcu signal based event dispatch. New rp2040 support for “make flash”, i2c, and rp2040-e5 USB errata.
  • New modules added: angle, dac084S085, exclude_object, led, mpu9250, pca9632, smart_effector, z_thermal_adjust. New deltesian kinematics added. New dump_mcu tool added.
  • Several bug fixes and code cleanups.

For further information on Klipper, please see: