Issue: Adaptive Mesh giving errors

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender 3 V2 w/ BL Touch
MCU / Printerboard: SKR Mini e3 v3
klippy.log (2.3 MB)

Describe your issue:

I have been using KAMP (Klipper Adaptive Meshing and Purging) and their Adaptive Meshing for a while now, and it suddenly has stopped working. I now get this error in the console after the print fails:

‘gcode_macro BED_MESH_CALIBRATE:gcode’: jinja2.exceptions.UndefinedError: ‘dict object’ has no attribute ‘polygon’

I have already followed the instructions and made sure [exclude_object] and enable_object_processing: True are in my configs. Could someone help identify what’s going on with my config?

Here’s some of my other configs that may help:
Slicer: Cura 5.3
Adaptive_Mesh.cfg (8.2 KB)

Best thing is to revert to the author of these macros

There is already an issue opened Polygon attribute error running bed_mesh_calibrate · Issue #46 · kyleisah/Klipper-Adaptive-Meshing-Purging · GitHub
EklDuderino seems to have a solution.

did you solve your issue? i have the exact same problem but with prusaslicer… maybe it has the same root?

Were you able to find a solution. I am using prusaslicer as well

was you ever able you fix this issue as im having the same problem