Klipper Disconnects from MCU After Printing 3-5 Layers

Basic Information:

Printer Model: It was a CR-10S…

I recently rebuilt my printers. Converted from a 12V power supply to a 24V 600W, Added a SKR 1.4 Turbo, changed the screen to a color screen, changed the hotend to a Creality Spider V4, put a new heated bend on. I’ve had one successful 17 minute print. Everything after this I message saying that Klipper has disconnected from the MCU after printing 3-5 layers. I’m new to Klipper and struggling a bit with this part. Has anyone run into this?

When you started this thread you were asked to attach the klippy.log file.

Please do that so your information can be reviewed.

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klippy (1).log (1.6 MB)

Your actual error message is

Heater extruder not heating at expected rate
Transition to shutdown state: Heater extruder not heating at expected rate
See the 'verify_heater' section in docs/Config_Reference.md
for the parameters that control this check.

and the affected heater is your hotend:


See Heater <name> not heating at expected rate

Thank you!

I traced this back further and found my power supply for my Raspberry Pi was failing. It started out around 5V and would drop over time going lower than 4.65V. When the voltage dropped below the 4.65V the Pi would shut down. Was honestly expecting an issue in my config file. This was a way easier fix. I’ve replaced the power supply and all it working as expected now.

This is a different issue than @Sineos mentioned in his last post.

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