Klipper state: Disconnect, Ready, Shutdown

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Voron 0.1
MCU / Printerboard: MTT skr mini E3 V3
klippy.log (598.7 KB)

Running on a Pi4 at first but now on a Pi3b.
OS is OctoKlipperPi (image from Pi Imager)

Was a perfectly working system for about 1 year. Was doing some printing and needed to change the filament. After changing the filament, system started to say it could not connect to the MCU…

Got to figure I moved something or disconnected something. I could not see anything that did not look perfectly connected.

While trying to workout the issue, I found that the MTT SKR mini was not communicating. So I replace it with an almost exact. DIfference is chip number is D0 where old chip type was D1.

Updated the serial path for new board. And started to get new message: ERROR: MCU ‘mcu’ shutdown: ADC out of range

Note that I am still seeing the temps for both the bed and the hotend. They look as expected. Both in the 20-25C range.

Since this message seems to indicate some issue with the thermistors, I replaced each and tested. No change in response. I have restarted so many times.

I started to suspect the Pie USB or something related. Replaced the Pi.

Same result. (did not do a full on resetup. I used an Octoprint back up and pasted in the same Printer.cfg from the original system.

Right now if I reset the firmware the system will show:
Klipper state: Disconnect
Klipper state: Ready
Klipper state: Shutdown

And the temps are coming through the terminal like this:

Send: M105
Recv: ok B:22.8 /0.0 T0:20.6 /0.0

If I do anything related to sending a command to the MCU it give the:
MCU ‘mcu’ shutdown: ADC out of range

The fact that I am unable to get this going when I have essentially replaced all the electronics is really troubling.

I am clearly missing something. Any directional help would be appreciated.


Likely caused by your mcu_temp. Could simply be spurious false readings.

See ADC out of range

Alright so turns out that there must be something wrong with the reported temp from the MCU it self during startup/restart. I can’t replace that so I set the min the lowest it could be set to. -273.15 (actually set it to -273.14) to make sure it would not need to be updated and I figure it it really goes south, it should go past that. I should also notice how cold it is way before its a real issue if its a real issue. :slight_smile:

@Sineos thanks for looking at my logs and making me reconsider the MCU temp. So focused on the moving parts, I was just ignoring the MCU numbers.

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