Klipper Frontends: Any options for audio from Klipper?

I have been seeking a way to get my printer to alert me, albiet quietly - especially in the wee hours, so as to not wake the house - when a job is finished, or a bed mesh is completed, that sort of thing. Or, even if there are alarms/alerts for errors, (something akin to a spaghetti detective, in the event my print has failed) That sort of stuff. Having the alert run thru/from the Frontend makes the most sense to me, as I get the alert from any device I am using, and/or if I am traveling away from the printer temporarily and I can then shut it down from remote. With all the upgrades and implementations going on with Klipper, should this not be a thing already? The posts I have seen from years ago say it is not currently a thing, I am hoping that it has been or is in Development.
Thank you for reading my post, and thank you all for the work being done on Klipper.

If your MCU has a buzzer installed you can try getting this accessed via a M300 macro.
Or what should be possible you can run external commands that produce sound on your SBC.

Thank you good sir for the reply. The M300 idea sounds promising, I will research this. And, the SBC external speaker sounds like a viable workaround, until I can get Klipper to set audio calls out to the frontend. The goal is more for alerts/errors/finished prints, etc. being notified of, and signaled quietly, without waking the house. I tend to print in the wee hours. Having the front end send audio to my headphones while I am using my PC for else, is ideal. I know this is asking a lot from the devs, but it appears I am not the only one asking, at least in the other forums I have seen requests for audio alerts in the front ends.
Again, perhaps the M300 will yeild good results, thank you again for that.

You have basically multiple option to do so:

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That is what I use to push notifications to my cell phone.

I modified his python script because it was not quite right. But it works great. I have it notify me when ever it finishes a print, or when I need to change the filament.