Klipper/Mainsail VERY SLOW, WIFI disconnecting?

Just got Klipper & Mainsail running on my ender5 with SKR Mini E3v2
Ive got lots of questions, I’ll post new topics for each.

Right now Im having a problem with Mainsail running really slowly. Like I click a button, and it spins and spins continuously forever. Sometimes a window pops up saying “connecting to 192.168.****”
Even after restarts, sometimes the last button I clicked is still spinning.

Im thinking this is a wifi problem with the Raspi.
My desktop computer (running mainsail) has an ethernet cable and is always fast.
My laptop is Wifi is 22 Mbps, fast enough for streaming video, so I think its the RPI

At one point last night it was running really fast, instant response to every click, now something is wrong.
What do I check?

Well I plugged my ethernet cable into the RPi and now its working great. There are two instances of Mainsail OS on my router setup page that were not there when running it on WIFI.