Klipper@skr mini 2.0 +rpi4


I switched from marlin to klipper FW on my raspberry pi 4, which is booting from ssd disk.
Now I have a problem with booting RPI4, when USB cable is connected to SKR e3 mini v2. Until I unplug the cable, RPI4 doesn’t start booting. It hangs and does nothing. As soon as I unplug USB, it starts booting and then I can connect usb cable back in.
I didn’t have issues on marlin fw.

Any idea how to solve this?

I was having problems with the same board until I put some tape over the +5v pin on the usb cable.

Hey @hideous, thanks for the answer.

I forgot to mention, that i’ve done that already. I even went as far as pulling the pin out of connector, because it didn’t work.

To elaborate even further. I’m powering RPI4 with buck converter and getting power from printer’s PSU. So, when I turn printer on, it turns on everything.
Interesting thing is, that if I power on printer, and afterwards RPI4 (maybe less than second later), RPI4 boots.