Klipper with MPC

The marlin 2.1 release MPC function to prevent PID overcome.

Do klipper have plan to develop this feature?


Sounds cool. I’m quite happy how Klipper’s PID is performing on my printer but if it is an improvement, why not :innocent:

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Yes please, i asked about this as well. I have MPC tune running on my other Marlin printers and it is quite impressive. can be tuned per filament, with and without fans and a few other settings. However it is currently only available for the hotend.


Agree. MPC is awesome, but only available for the hotend is enough, since the pid has been doing a great job in controling the heat bed. There are not many factors could affect it

MPC has been ported from Marlin to the DangerKlipper fork. Currently under Beta testing and tuning with some excellent results.

Functional for hotends with cartridge or PTC heaters and Beds with/without bed fans.

Here is a link to the beta documentation if you are interested.

Active feature discussion on the armchair engineering discord.