Klipperscreen on btt pad 7

Is it possible to set up klipperscreen on the btt pad 7. Built a voron 2.4 the screen that comes with it is tiny on my eyes wanted a screen i could leave near me to monitor printer even if im doing other things on the pc.

Page 12 and following

Page 4:
The BIGTREETECH Pad 7, a product of …, is a tablet equipped with pre-installed Klipper and KlipperScreen.

the instructions are very unclear as to how to load klipperscreen as when I switch on pad 7 it comes up klipper has encountered an error include file ‘home/biqu/printer_data/config/generic-bigtreetech-xxx.cfg’ does not exist. There is nothing to say how to go into klipperscreen menu is just for network settings, system info or restarts. I have tried to add my config files via usb and that does nothing either.

Just to be on the same page: KlipperScreen is the menu that is displayed on the touchscreen once it is running. There is no “go into”

As I do not have this device I would recommend:

I’m a noob to this too and this took me a minute to figure out yesterday. The configuration can be all in the printer.cfg file or used as a configuration reference that directs what files to link.
Either delete the line [generic-bigtreetech-xxx.cfg] from printer.cfg and put the example configuration straight in printer.cfg, otherwise create a file <generic-bigtreetech-whatever_you_name_it.cfg> and change the configuration reference name to whatever you name it.