Klipperscreen with Ingcool 7DP-CAPLCD

I have attached one of these to my system via HDMI and USB (to allow touchscreen), but need to know how to set up the DISPLAY section in the config file. Been noodling with it for a while, and currently have nothing in there because I can’t find information on the screen that makes any sense. (My Google-Fu gives me the wiki article that says how to hook it up, and a LOT of links on where to buy it, but nothing on the config necessary for getting Klipperscreen to see it without throwing errors left and right.

I see that someone got the 7IP-CAPLCD working, but I’m wondering how to get a simple display that just uses HDMI to work - it doesn’t connect to the printer, it connects to the RPi.

Any help is greatly appreciated. (And yeah, I looked here and found ‘similar’ topics, but none that seem to answer the question I have.

Did you try http://www.ingcool.com/wiki/7IP-CAPLCD?

Good luck, hcet14

Problem is, that hooks the same way. I saw that someone achieved it with the 7IP, but no information on HOW.

Did you follow the guidance on this page WRT to the config.txt modifications?

Yes. The issue I seem to be having is with the printer.cfg [display] section. It needs one to use the display, but I can’t find information on what settings it needs.

Reply to my own thing - finally got it going mostly. Went back to the BTT SKR E3 V3 config and just re-input that information, including display. NOW it works, where it didn’t before. Not sure what I did different, because the display section didn’t look that different, but hey, it’s working now.

Now I just need to figure out how to make it fit my actual display properly. It’s a 1024x600 display, and it looks like it’s trying to display 800x480 …

ETA: Well, I fixed it the weird way - I backed up all the important files, then rebuilt the thing from scratch. Instead of using Lite, I did the full 64-bit install, which solved pretty much all of my issues with display size. Just had to fight with a couple things on configs for the printer, but we’re good now.

Interesting, would you share your config files?

Interestingly enough, the only thing I need to do now is just get the tuning for the specific printer done. When I hosed it and rebuilt, the did the KIAUH thing, KlipperScreen just worked out of the box. Since I have the BTT SKR E3 V3, I used that config file, and after reboot, everything was fine.

I need to redo the tuning anyway, because I moved the printer from where it was.

But it was literally the equivalent of ‘out of the box’ for getting things working. I can toss my printer.cfg (the only one I edited) up, but really, all that shows is that I used the BTT config mentioned above.

But my issue was with all the fiddly bits that installing a desktop image on the Pi over installing a Lite image changes. Since the system auto-set the display, then KlipperScreen was happy.

Please do.

Just for the avoidance of doubt:
The printer.cfg and potentially included display settings are in no way related to this kind of displays.
These displays act as a regular screen (like the big monitors) attached to your RPi and is exclusively controlled by KlipperScreen with no direct connection to Klipper itself.

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Was unaware of that, Sineos. Thanks for the heads up. I was sort of assuming that since it connected to Klipper so well, that there was some control in there as well.

As for my printer.cfg, be aware that some of the data will change once I get the thing reset from moving. (Not assuming that all the values will remain what they were.)

printer.cfg (2.6 KB)

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