Klipperscreen Setup

Good day All!

As I am stuck with some electronic issues on my Hypercube Evo due to some burned/fried/dead stepper drivers… :woozy_face: I am now trying to improve the "Software setup:.

At the moment, I connect to the Rasp from my Laptop through SSH for Terminal, and VNC for Maiinsail, which works fine, now I have a spare 7" LCD HDMI touchscreen that I would like to setup on the printer, connected to the pi to use it with Klipper Screen (while still been able to access the Rasp with VNC and SSH)

  1. Is it possible to do?
  2. How to do it ? (could’nt find any tutos/docs about this setup…)

Thanks for your help!

It is possible to do, assuming your screen is working with RasPI. For the options, screens that are known to be working, etc. please check


Installation instructions are:


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Thanks for your reply!

My screen is tested and working with the Raspi!
Klipper screen is installed via KIAUH, now the question is, how to do the setup !
At the moment, the touchscreen shows the Raspi desktop, same thing on the Laptop via VNC…

So, now my printer (custom Hypercube Evo, SKR Pro 1.1, TMC 2209, BL Touch) is working like a “Sharm” (I live in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt!), thanks to this forum wisdom!

Now working on the “cosmetic/functionnal” part of the project!

My setup:

On the Hevo : Raspi with Klipper, Klipperscreen, Mainsail), 7" HDMI Touchscreen

and another Raspi, with VNC viewer.

I still can’t figure out how to have Klipperscreen running on the 7" touchscreen on the printer side…(Klipper screen is installed, and I can see it running on mainsail menu…)…???

Still struglling with Klipper Screen…just can’t have it to work…

Followed the troubleshooting guide…no luck…

Here are the logs…
log1.txt (1015 Bytes)
Xorg0.log (32.0 KB)

Problem sorted thanks to collaborators of KlipperScreen Github!
Reinstalled the OS (Mainsail OS instead of Debian Desktop)!
Now KlipperScreen up and running!