Lost communication with MCU 'mcu' after mcu update

Basic Information:

Printer Model: self designed Delta
MCU / Printerboard: Duet Wifi
klippy.log (1.1 MB)

After updating Klipper and flashing the Duet, I cant connect to the mcu.
After a RESTART or FIRMWARE_RESTART, the system behaves normally for a few seconds and goes in shutdown after that.
The issue shown is “Lost communication with MCU ‘mcu’”, I also experienced “MCU ‘mcu’ error during config: oids alreadys allocated”
See klippy.log attached.
Thanks for any ideas

I unpowered the entire system (Pi, Duet, all other components) for about an hour to take a break from debugging.
After I powered everything back up, there was no more issue.
So maybe there was some remaining voltage on a cap or similar magic going on.