Lost communication with MCU 'mcu' Ender NG Build

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Custom Built
MCU / Printerboard: Rpi 3 A+, SKR Mini E3 v2.0
klippy.log : klippy.log (5.7 MB)

Fill out above information and in all cases attach your klippy.log file (use zip to compress it, if too big). Pasting your printer.cfg is not needed
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Describe your issue:

So I have had this issue plaguing me for a while now. I will run prints and some will work just fine, then out of the blue in the middle of long prints, it just cuts out and ruins prints with no obvious pattern or consistency. I have gone through all of the steps outlined previously on this issue, I have a dedicated RPi power supply, I blocked off the 5v line through USB to my control board, tried different USB cords, tried reinstalling Mainsail, hard-wired power to my RPi and still no luck. The printer power supply I am using is the better one off of an ender 3 pro. The only thing I can think of now is slowing the printer down. This is a printer that I built based on the “Ender NG” Project which takes a normal ender 3 and makes it into a corexy style with my eventual hope to run pretty quick to get print times down. But this all doesn’t matter if it randomly shuts down. I attached my klippy log and I am able to provide more detail if needed. Thanks.

See Timeout with MCU / Lost communication with MCU

I am aware of that thread. I appreciate the effort put into them but I have tried every solution on that page and nothing seems to make a difference. I am mainly on here to see if anyone can interpret my logs and see something that I don’t,

Unfortunately, this error is tedious to come by. To our best knowledge, the root cause is among raised points.

The klippy.log does not offer much additional information in this case and a quick glance revealed nothing obviously amiss.

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