Mcu lost connection after start printing

I have 3 printer that are running with klipper with my linux PC ( i7 8gb ram ), and 2 of them are perfect running and printing, but the 3rd one is lossing connection everytime i start a printing
see the log from last test i made
klippy (18).log (2.6 MB)

i tested workign cables, another usb port, another font and etc
The printer is a ender 3 with cheetah v3.0 fystec connected with usb type c cable

printer (2).cfg (3.7 KB)
this is my printer.cfg

only happen with this printer, nothing is going 100% or something like that, any help please !

And thanks !!

Unfortunately this error type is very “inconvenient” since it is hard to track down. See Timeout with MCU / Lost communication with MCU for potential reasons.

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