Is CB1 from BTT enough? Lost connection to MCU

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Cerality CR6 Max
MCU / Printerboard: STM32F103, CR-ERA V1.1.0.3 board - stock (1.3 MB), sorry I’ve downloaded this after another print started, 12:09:12 is aproximate time of the inscident or before last start. How do I find relevant information in logs? I’m used to looking at logs but without timestamps I’m lost here.

Printer behaviour:
I’m using CB1 from BigTreeTech to run Klipper. When looking at specs it looks a little less powerful than raspi. Sometimes printing stops for no reason. 4 out of 75 prints and 85h. At first I thought my printer can’t handle arcs that arc welder’s producing. But today it happened without it. So I’m confused what’s going on. The printer is less than month old and was running stock Marlin just fine. But there might not be enough data points to say for sure. I’m using random micro USB cable I’ve found lying around but I don’t have any reliable at home to test this hypotesis so this needs to change.

Mainsail behavoiur:
Last time this happened it coincided with me accessing web browser from a phone on local network. At first it appeared it works just fine. But after minute or two when I checked the printer it stopped. I tried to restart klipper but it didn’t do anything. Usually when this happens I need to turn off the printer and start again. This makes me suspicious that USB cable is OK but printer is not.

Timeout with MCU 'mcu' (eventtime=10178.658838)
Transition to shutdown state: Lost communication with MCU 'mcu'

This is the error from your log. Refer to Timeout with MCU / Lost communication with MCU for potential solutions