M105 missing "@"

Hello all
I’ve browsed around as much as I could but I couldnt find (even in source code…but I am far from being an ace) a way to enable power output to heaters of nozzle(s) and bed to be shown into Repetier server.
Looks like this is not possible currently. Am I right? Why this feature is missing ? It is very helpful to check PID behaviour:…
( o)Beta

Klipper does not attempt to add tons of enhancements to the “classic g-code stream”. We provide the information via a more structured format: Status reference - Klipper documentation and API server - Klipper documentation .

It’s probably not easy to get that info into Repetier server (though it may be possible with elaborate macros). However, other frontends (eg, Mainsail, Fluidd) do have access to the information.


Ok, at least now I know what to do (writing a timed macro, hopefully, replacing standard M105).
Good chance to polish my Klipper programming :slight_smile:
Thanks for pointing me to correct info!