M92 command for Rotation distance

I am looking for a feature that can incorporate LulzBot Tool Head changing. In Marlin the following commands are run via a screen macro.
" M92 E415\nM301 P26.90 I1.91 D75.19\nM906 E960\nM500\nM117 M175v2|0.50mm|CRB CU "
It would be helpful to incorporate something similar to this command for all swappable tool changers.

Klipper supports tool changing already.

How do you set up extruders that use the same motor, heater and thermistor pins? The LulzBot Tool Head family has a 20 pin connector that will unplug from one Tool Head and plug into the next.

I now see SET_EXTRUDER_ROTATION_DISTANCE EXTRUDER=<config_name> [DISTANCE=] command does the same job as what I was referring to.