Manta M5P MCU lost

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender 5 Plus
MCU / Printerboard: Manta M5P

Describe your issue:I have a problem with communication between the MCU, because it loses connection when printing.

While doing this, the following errors appeared:

“Can not update MCU ‘mcu’ config as it is shutdown
Once the underlying issue is corrected, use the
“FIRMWARE_RESTART” command to reset the firmware, reload the
config, and restart the host software.
Error configuring printer”

MCU ‘mcu’ shutdown: Timer too close This often indicates the host computer is overloaded. Check for other processes consuming excessive CPU time, high swap usage, disk errors, overheating, unstable voltage, or similar system problems on the host computer. Once the underlying issue is corrected, use the “FIRMWARE_RESTART” command to reset the firmware, reload the config, and restart the host software. Printer is shutdown

klippy (1).log (5.2 MB)
printer.cfg (3.0 KB)

klippy.log (3.7 MB)
klippy (2).log (4.9 MB)

The two error messages are not connected.

See Timer too close and Can not update MCU '<name>' config as it is shutdown for the reasons and potential solutions.

Yesterday, when I released the cube, the entire print went through, and when I released the element at 310x310, there was a problem. I only have a 7-inch screen connected to USB. There are no unnecessary processes. I shared the log above

Unfortunately, this is a very thankless error, as it often occurs sporadically, and it is difficult to find the root cause.
The typical causes can be found in the linked article and can start even with SD cards that are only starting to die.

Ok, I will check the SD card tomorrow

Unfortunately, it’s not the SD card, I took the second one and flashed it and still nothing.

When I released the calibration cube, it printed until the end, but when I released the 31x31 centimeter element, there was a problem.

podst.stl (16.7 KB)

Now I noticed that when I release such an element, when it runs at 100% speed it prints, and when I try to speed it up in the clipper at 200/300%, the above-mentioned problems occur.

This means loss of connection with the MCU

Maybe you should post the model you send to the printer (podst.gcode)

podstawk.gcode (1.8 MB)

I’m also adding logs
klippy.log (1.1 MB)

You are aware that compared to your initial log, we are talking about a totally different error that is not related to the first one?

Timeout with MCU / Lost communication with MCU is in all cases I’m aware of (many!) related to hardware instabilities.

Apparently your initial “Timer too close” error is indeed gone.

All the connectors are properly plugged in and they seem to be OK. The power supply is plugged into the board and it is a MeanWell 500W power supply. The USB connector is only used for a 7-inch screen. I don’t know what else could be wrong.

Your last klippy.log really looks weird.

How old is your MeanWell 500W?
Did you controlled/measured during printing the voltage of your power supply?

Good luck, hcet14

I don’t know how old it is because I bought the e5 plus from someone. I did not measure the voltage during operation.

this is meanwell rsp-500-24

Do you have an idea how to measure?

I’m more or less questioning about your background regarding measuring the voltage of your power supply over a while.

Connect a voltmeter to the terminals and check the values ​​while printing? That’s what you mean?

Yes, if you’ll be ready to watch the voltmeter readings all the time through your print!

That is pretty exhausting!

This is strange, because when I run it at 100% speed it prints without any problems. I’m talking about the larger print I posted above. And when he tries to speed it up, after a certain movement he loses contact with the mcu

Tomorrow I will have another such power supply, so I will try to switch it to the other one if necessary. And I’ll see if the same problems occur.