Manual preheating of bed stops after first reaching of target temperature

As I’m currently printing printer parts in ASA I’m a bit preheating the chamber via Mainsail.
Once the bed reached the target temperature it turns off without any message.
If I repeat it it then keeps holding the target temperature:

Is this an intended behavior or am I missing something?

This is intended behavior. The default idle timeout is 10 minutes. If you look at the image you posted the heater is shutting off exactly 10 minutes after you turned it on. Increase your idle timeout if you want to heat longer.

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That could make sense as I currently use 600 s as idle timeout.
Thought the heater would reset the activity. Will test it with higher idle timeout.

It does not. If simply turning on a heater reset the idle timeout, then it would be kind of pointless. One goal of the timeout is to prevent heaters from running forever if the operator forgets it’s on.

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