Mcu 'mcu' shutdown: rescheduled timer in the past again

mcu ‘mcu’ shutdown: rescheduled timer in the past this generally occurs when the micro-controller has been requested to step at a rate higher than it is capable of obtaining.
This issue popped op again even after I did the updates
Stm32g0 users should update to latest Klipper and reflashed my firmware. So is there something i have forgotten or done wrong? Im not a klipper expert so there’s a good chance that this i on me. I have a btt skr mini e3 v3 and I use superslicer.

klippy (7).log (3.3 MB)

This screenshot shows your MCU running firmware that’s at least a couple months old.

Hmmm i see. So how do i update it?

Thanks!! The MCU should now be updated to v0.10.0-546-ga709ba43