Mcu problem manta m8p v2

MCU / Printerboard: Manta m8p v2.0 /cb1

Hello, I am studying engineering in Switzerland and I build 3D printers, including those with Klipper. I have a fair amount of experience and I usually know how to manage. I was curious to test the Manta m8p V2_0 for one of my projects, which worked perfectly. However, I can no longer communicate with the MCU. There’s no problem with the CB1, the communication is OK, and the klipper.bin file is OK.

But as soon as I put it on the card and restart, I type ls /dev/serial/by-id/ and I receive the message ls: cannot access '/dev/serial/by-id/': No such file or directory. I have configured Klipper in several ways each time and replaced it, I have reinstalled the CB1 several times, but nothing…

In the very beginning (when I hadn’t finished anything yet), I managed it and for some reason, nothing more… With KIAUH, I installed the updates, I looked at the forums and tried several things, but still, nothing… But I’m far from being the only one to have had this problem with this card, so that reassures me!

Could anyone help me resolve this problem? Please ask questions so that I can be as precise as possible!!

With that short description and missing details nobody can help you.

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