MCU 'rpi_cb1' error during config: Unable to open out GPIO chip line

Hi, was hoping to use some PIO pins for chamber tempo and LEDs. Ran into following issue when setting up a test to try out an LED out of pin 26. Any help or suggestions?

See GitHub - bigtreetech/CB1: OS System image for CB1 and page 22

So, if you use pin 26, then it would be gpio79 (if I read this mess correctly)

Hi, tried it out… got rid of the error message, so thank you! Didn’t light up the LED though :frowning:

Well, I hope you did not just put the LED directly onto this pin, did you?
Depending on the chosen LED you might either fry your CB1 or the LED.
The GPIOs can only drive a very weak current, so only “low current LEDs”, with typically around 2.1V and 2mA will work and you need an resistor to get rid of the surplus 1.2V (around 600 Ohm towards GND)

Both CB1 and LED are fine. Both running and tested, so I guess it might be cfg issue.

Got the simple red led to turn on, now need to figure out out to get Neopixels to work with GPIO pins.

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