Mid print error MCU 'mcu' shutdown: Can't assign oid

Basic Information:

Printer Model: Ender 5 plus modified with a direct drive extruder and Mosquito Magnum hotend.
MCU / Printerboard: atmega2560
klippy.log klippy (6).zip (1.4 MB)
Printer cfg.txt (6.1 KB)

Describe your issue:

I was using a Sonic Pad with my Ender 5 Plus but had lots of connection issues so I migrated to a BTT Pad 7. The printer is flashed with the firmware that Sonic Pad gave it and I’m using a modified version of the printer.cfg that the Sonic Pad gave me.

A few hours into the print it stopped and showed this error:

I would really appreciate help with understanding what is the issue and how to resolve it.
Thanks everyone

Sonic Pad and BTT Pad 7 are Klipper Hosts Klipper Architecture / Ecosystem

What is the difference between those two printer.cfg files?

Why don’t you start over. Fresh installation of Klipper with your BTT Pad 7.

Good luck, hcet14

Loaded MCU 'mcu' 100 commands (v0.10.0-169-g520273e5-dirty-20221117_184919-ubuntu

You are running a very old and apparently modified firmware on your printer board. Flash it with a current firmware build from a clean Klipper source and try to reproduce the error.


Thanks both of you!

I modified the printer.cfg to include the relevant mcu and changed the extruder rotation_distance because I have a Bondtech ddx.

I have just reflashed the printer with the standard klipper using the instruction below.

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My printer just completed a 12 hour print. Thanks everyone!


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