MKS Canable v2.0

Are there known issues with this USB → CAN adapter ?

Just had a weird issue. I installed this adapter in the Voron 0.2 I just rebuilt. Because it is tiny. Flawless hardware/software installation. Stress tests, Shake and Tune, three speed benchies, not even one resent byte.

The next day, Klipper was complaining : no CAN device ! The red power LED was blinking. Power cycled the printer, all LEDs turned ON, then turned OFF, and the red power LED started to blink…

Replaced the adapter with another one ; again, the installation was a dream. And the printer working again.

The schematics show that the power LED is in parallel with the USB power line. Measured the power current : 20mA. Nothing special. Reinstalled the adapter in the printer, it’s working again…

Got them from Amazon, could be knockoffs, but the STM32s look legit. (didn’t investigate further).

It seems this CAN bridge is not popular. Is there any reason ?

I’ve never heard of that CAN bridge but if they Pi recognizes it then it should be okay.

My question is… What are you using CAN bus to connect to on a Voron 0.2?
A toolhead board?

Most people just use the Picobilical as it’s designed for the V0.2
Not saying you can’t use other things, CAN bus is just designed to make wiring more simple in larger printers like a 2.4.

PROBLEM SOLVED ! It is a dumb PCB layout. Mounting hole too close to a transistor pin. Screws are M2… No room for it’s head. Didn’t notice… My bad. But why did they add a mounting hole if it can’t be used ?

The Picobilical failed after 480 hours. Bad crimpings on both ends. LDO kit. Recrimped a couple of times, got tired, designed a EBB36 mount with strain relief and a X carriage, and also a tophat extender. End of story. The umbilical will have a better life, and if it fails again, there are 8 points of failure instead of 28. And got rid of the stupid SPI FPC cable for the accelerometer !

This tiny adapter is perfect for the v0.2 ; couldn’t figure where to drop a U2C in the bay ! It’s the tiny PCB between the Pi and the duct. Don’t use the top left mounting hole, or you’ll run into intermittent issues ! It’s not a short. It’s not the screw acting as an antenna when touching the transistor (tested with a screwdriver). (the screw is screwed into ABS, and the mounting hole is not plated : weird…)

Solid 1 Mbit/s, with just a pair of twisted PTFE coated wires (twisting is not really required for shorter lenghtes, but doesn’t hurt).

Installed a CAN adapter because the USB hack is a bit too bulky. But tested it.

The mods will be published later.

Didn’t even mount the toolhead cables on the 2.4 : horizontal drag chain + EBB36. Not sure it will be replaced with a Nitehawk, flashing is so easy with Katapult, and the EBB36 is much easier to install. Not speaking of the weight.

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Nice on finding the issue and Nice on the 0.2 setup.

I agree the Picobilical had some design choices I wouldn’t have made. Especially the stupid ribbon cable for the accelerometer.

I’ve kind of thought about making mine CAN bus as well, maybe I will if my Picobilical breaks.

Every stepper motor on my 2.4 has a CAN bus toolhead (there is a whole discussion in the Dev section on that because Klipper doesn’t currently support that for the Z axis, but I made a prelim fix).

Yes, I bookmarked the discussions !

(was a CANBUS hater a couple weeks ago - changed my mind)

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USB saves the additional device:

And it works reliably too.
Just the added weight of the cable is a disadvantage.

I definitely need more testers for my patch when/if you get your 2.4 converted over.

Unfortunately can’t test such a setup (at least for now…). Just completed my 2.4/350, currently fine tuning it. I’ve been considering full CANBUS at the begining, but read the warnings about the timing issue.

Will experiment one day or the other, but first have to build another printer (preferably a LDO Micron 180, a pain to source in Europe), so I can retire the machine that printed the newer ones. BTW the Micron could be a candidate for full CANBUS, and being smaller, it couled be easier.

Most likely, I won’t be playing with CANBUS again until the end of 2024…

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