Moonraker not connected to klipper

Changing to mcu host gives a new error.

unknown pin chip name ‘rpi’

That is not as fatal as the previous errors.

Just swap rpi with host

cs_pin = rpi:None


cs_pin = host:None

output of ls -al /home/pi/printer_data/comms/klippy.serial is /dev/pts/2

From your config:

[mcu rpi]
serial = /home/pi/printer_data/comms/klippy.serial

cs_pin = rpi:None

this seems correct and in-line with your startup arguments:

Args: ['/home/pi/klipper/klippy/', '/home/pi/printer_data/config/printer.cfg', '-l', '/home/pi/printer_data/logs/klippy.log', '-I', '/home/pi/printer_data/comms/klippy.serial', '-a', '/home/pi/printer_data/comms/klippy.sock']

The error:

mcu 'rpi': Wait for identify_response
serialhdl.error: mcu 'rpi': Serial connection closed

Looks like something went wrong during RPi microcontroller - Klipper documentation

Just restarted everything an I now have a connection to the printer.

Thank you everyone

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