Move to safe_z_home when performing PROBE_CALIBRATE

At this point in time, when PROBE_CALIBRATE is run, Z is homed/probed regardless of where X and Y are. This has resulted in a near-crash for me as X and Y were in illegal positions for safe homing when I ran this command earlier today (the probe was not over the bed surface hence could not have triggered). I don’t know whether the “no trigger after full movement” error would have kicked in and saved things, but I propose that the PROBE_CALIBRATE command moves X and Y to the user-specified safe_z_home before performing that pre-calibration probe (and then moving to its offsets as usual), and say, if X and Y aren’t homed, display the usual error message you get when trying a G28 Z with a probe. This way there would be no risk to users’ devices from X and Y being in unsafe positions when executing PROBE_CALIBRATE.

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Hello @Darkmann !

It is a requirement to home the printer first:

As long as you stick to the docs, nothing bad should happen.

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This much is true. However, the printer can be homed and then moved between homing and initiating PROBE_CALIBRATE. Granted, following “Start by homing the printer”, it does say to move the head to the centre yourself, which is fine and all, but again, if it knows where it is, and it’s closer to position_min or position_max than the centre, then it should move itself closer to the centre, because no amount of documentation is going to stop people just running the command at extreme values of X and Y…

Modified title, since there is no bug to fix.

Well to be fair, if people don’t read docs, it’s on them
If you want your toolhead to do probe_calibrate in the middle, why not override the command to (preferably conditionally) home it first and then move to the center before doing the calibration?

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