PROBE_CALIBRATE seems to probe the wrong spot

I have bl touch setup and everything seems to be in order, my offsets seem to be very similar to other Ender 3 V2 users, and the BED_MESH_CALIBRATE command seems to probe the correct spots. Just my z offset seems a bit off, the nozzle is a smidge too high.
I’m wondering if this is because it’s not probing the middle of the bed.


  1. I home all axis, the nozzle finished directly in the middle of the bed, raised up about 15mm.
  2. I send PROBE_CALIBRATE and the carriage moves off to the left so now the nozzle is closer to the left edge, and the touch sensor is now no where near the middle of the bed, closer actually to the left edge.

It seems as though it should move that exact distance in the opposite direction to be probing the centre. I would have suspected my x offset to be inverted perhaps, but as mentioned, the bed mesh and everything else is probing the correct spots.

What could be the issue?