MPU-6050 Accelerometer issues ! No accelerometer measurements found

Hello, I’m trying to get Input-Shaping working on my printer and I’m having a huge issue with the MPU-6050 Accelerometer. I’ve got everything wired up, I’ve checked and made sure that the wiring is right but whenever I try to get the ACCELEROMETER_QUERY results I get !! No accelerometer measurements found followed by a Klipper State Shut Down. I purchased two of the MPU6050’s yesterday and both of them are getting the exact same results. I’ve quadruple checked the steps to make sure I haven’t missed anything and changed out the Dupont jumper wires several times to account for a faulty cable. Nothing seems to be working. Any help would be really appreciated

Attached is my log file.

VCC is connected to Pin1
Ground is connected to Pin9
SDA is connected to Pin3
SCL is connected to Pin5

klippy (3).log (1.8 MB)

Hello @DrSkyentist !

I found this in the klippy.log:

MCU 'rpi' shutdown: Unable to open i2c device

As you have the GY-521 board you may read the corresponding section here:

Make sure to have followed: RPi microcontroller - Klipper documentation

Did you have any luck getting this to work? I have the same sensor wired the same and getting the same errors.