MPU6050 Support

I’m looking to add MPU6050 as I have a few and they are easier to get in my area.

Is this worth the effort or are they too slow? The accelerometer max rate is 1Khz and it has i2c interface.

Has been already look at. The MPU 6050 is found to have a too low sampling rate for this application

FWIW, I wouldn’t recommend any accelerometer using the i2c interface. That interface is notably more finicky and notably slower than spi. So, although the mpu6050 sensor may technically be able to take samples at 1Khz, it wont be possible to read the data from the sensor over i2c at that rate.


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Does this no longer apply? for input shaper.

Support has been added. See Measuring Resonances - Klipper documentation
The performance limitations have been overcome and it is working nicely.


Cheers Sineos. Do you know if orientation of accelerometer will effect the recommended configurations presented after calibration? Meaning if the MPU6050 is mounted “back to front” x measuring y, vice versa. Should we instead refer to the correct value from shaper_calibrate_.png and match the input shaper freq/type accordingly?
Many thanks.

IIRC there is no +/- X or +/- Y
What makes a difference if you misaligne to the actual movement, i.e. not parallel respectively perpendicular to the movement or if you mount it upright, so that Z suddenly is X or Y. The sensor is less sensitive in Z direction.

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