Need help! Unable to read tmc uart 'my_stepper' register GSTAT

Basic Information:

Printer Model:
MCU / Printerboard: skr pico + raspberry pico
Host / SBC mainsail

Hello! I wanted to add exstra stepper motor for my printer with external BTT tmc2209 1.3v with raspberry pico. but I have issue I can run motor for one time and then I have this error “Unable to read tmc uart ‘my_stepper’ register GSTAT”

Screenshot from 2024-04-02 00-01-42



[manual_stepper my_stepper]
step_pin: pico:gpio2
dir_pin: !pico:gpio3
enable_pin: !pico:gpio5
#   See the "stepper" section for a description of these parameters.
#   Set the default velocity (in mm/s) for the stepper. This value
#   will be used if a MANUAL_STEPPER command does not specify a SPEED
#   parameter. The default is 5mm/s.
#   Set the default acceleration (in mm/s^2) for the stepper. An
#   acceleration of zero will result in no acceleration. This value
#   will be used if a MANUAL_STEPPER command does not specify an ACCEL
#   parameter. The default is zero.
# endstop_pin: tmc2209_my_stepper:virtual_endstop

#   Endstop switch detection pin. If specified, then one may perform
#   "homing moves" by adding a STOP_ON_ENDSTOP parameter to
#   MANUAL_STEPPER movement commands.

[tmc2209 manual_stepper my_stepper]
#interpolate: True
#sense_resistor: 0.110
stealthchop_threshold: 0
#   See the "tmc2208" section for the definition of these parameters.
uart_address: 0

The TMC2209 can run on a one wire UART connection with Klipper. So the TX wire is not needed.

You may have missed the Vdd power:

Thanks for solving my problem, it was a silly problem, I didn’t connect the vdd to 3.3v, but I still don’t understand why the stepper motor could spin one move when I run command “MANUAL_STEPPER STEPPER=my_stepper MOVE=10 SPEED=5”