Neopixel macro (please put me in the right direction!)

Good day all!

Here is what I want to add as a macro to my config, I need help to put me in the right direction!

My setup: Hypercube Evo (SKR Pro 1.1 and TMC2209 uart), Raspi (raspi already setup as 2nd mcu)with Klipper and the gang installed (Moonrakerm mainsail, etc…)

I have two neopixel 8 bit bars connected together for the front of the printer, 1x8 bit bar on the left hand side, 1x8 bit bar on the right hand side, 2x8 bit bars for the back side.

I would like to create a macro to do:

  • Turn on all led when print start (white)
  • Turn all led blinking green when job is done
  • Turn all led blinking red in case of error
  • Have the option to turn on/off one bar or the other during print, and be able to select diferent color as well.

I know it might seems a lot of cosmetic, but Hey! isn’t it part of the game!

If any macro Guru is willing to point me in the right direction, I will be more then happy to shar the macro once it is up and running!


Use SET_LED in your start marco

Same in your end macro

For this you may need a macro or a led template

You can do this from fluidd in “Fans & Outputs” section