Neopixel setup on manta m4p

Basic Information:

Printer Model: ender 6
MCU / Printerboard: manta m4p

Curious if anyone has a useful tutorial on neopixel setup? not something halfdone or a copy and paste from the general github write up?

Describe your issue:

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A start would be here:

Then here:

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For manta is simple. Just connect it right to dedicated connection and use the pin in [neopixel] section together with number of led and the defaults values. Make sure of connection (GND, VCC , Data (D)) and the colors order.

The manual doesn’t help much either. The information is contradictory: on page 8 the pin for RGB1 is PD0 and for RGB2 it is PD1 and on page 15 it is the other way around :). But it’s easy to change the pin in printer.cfg

Looking at the schematic, I tend to believe page 8.

Thank you gearge, i did get them going just trying to get them to work with the files now while printing. You are right alot of that manual is contradictory but on days im alive i dont mind them extra detective work lol…
Do you happen to know if taking the autostart to false then adding led_effect to gcode in slicer works??

I’m not very familiar with led effect but I can recommend to try my macro Klipper NeoPixel Templates

Lol funny story, that git hub if its yours…it was the one thing that flicked the light switch on and i got them up and going lol. So i guess a thanks is in order haha.

Yeah at this point im just trying to get it working together, i have the progress etc and configured with some other adds, but it seems only my bed idle is working? Odd but i may have done something and have yet to notice.

Thank you, I am honored. Was one of my first klipper macros. Usually it works flawless but if you have any problems with it, let me know.